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Western RV News & Recreation is owned and published by ROM Communications, Inc., a custom publishing, contract publishing, and marketing services agency. With over 50 years of business and publishing experience on staff, Western RV News & Recreation is in good hands to grow and to continue to serve the avid RVer.

Publishers & Owners
Tom & Darlene O'Connor
Phone: 1-888-WRV-NEWS (1-888-978-6397) or 503-629-8323

Darlene G. O'Connor, Publisher & Managing Editor
As an owner and publisher of Western RV News & Recreation, Darlene O'Connor brings 18 years experience as a publisher and marketing professional. Her publishing career began in advertising sales with the New York Times and her experiences have been as diverse as they are exciting. 'I grew up in the South (Virginia & North Carolina) enjoying Bluegrass music and traveling by RV to remote regional getaways every weekend,' said Darlene. 'Our family enjoyed memberships in several of the RV clubs and I guess I got hooked on RVing pretty early in life.'

Thomas M. O'Connor, Publisher & Editor
Tom O'Connor has spent the last twenty years of his career as a self-made, self-employed, computer guru. Tom built his business, 'The Computer Guy' from scratch, into a successful technology company. 'I'm sure my knowledge and business experiences will serve me well while I enjoy putting that same energy and enthusiasm toward publishing Western RV News & Recreation,' said Tom. 'Darlene and I aquired Western RV News & Recreation because it 'fits' our lifestyle. As avid RVers, and Bluegrass music lovers, we travel far and wide to enjoy Bluegrass and Americana music with friends in wonderful scenic locations.'

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