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Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Press Releases and Photos

To submit a press release and/or photos you must use the "Submit Article/News submission form button (to the left). We prefer to receive all materials via the appropriate submission forms on our web site. We prefer you do not send us a hard copy in the mail or via an email. All submissions must come through our website. If you have additional questions or comments regarding submitting an article, press release or photo please use the Contact Us form. Remember editorial submissions must be sent using our submission forms only. Paid Subscribers have full access to submit materials on various forms and have a higher chance of their materials being used on our website and in our print edition.

Photos and images can be submitted as digital files, CD or as photographic prints. Digital files must be TIFF or EPS at a resolution of 300 dpi and submitted via email or on a CD (PC format). If you submit an article or press release via our online article/news submission form only jpeg images should be uploaded.

All rules outlined below in our writer's guidelines apply.

We only offer writers regular column privileges if they currently do not have regular column privileges with a competing RV publication. If you write a regular column for a competing RV publication please DO NOT SUBMIT articles to Western RV News & Recreation. We owe it to our subscribers and readers to not duplicate content and we strive to have unique content in Western RV News & Recreation that can not be found in competing publications.

Writers' Guidelines
Due to the volume of article submissions we receive each day, Western RV News & Recreation does not accept phone calls regarding submissions. If we are interested in your query or submission we will contact you.


Tom & Darlene O'Connor
Publishers & Editors

Western RV News & Recreation is celebrating its 40th year in publication. During that time Western RV News & Recreation has established a loyal readership and is devoted to the promotion of the recreational vehicle enthusiast. Published monthly, our editorial mix strives to provide full-color travel features and destinations, useful repair and technical articles, how-to advice, and product reviews. Regular columns written by on-the-road RVers share the back-roads and first-hand experiences of the part-time and full-time RV lifestyle. Our readers say that generations of their families have subscribed to Western RV News & Recreation for many years, and they continue to enjoy Western RV News & Recreation from cover to cover.

We publish a very respected and followed RV newspaper. A healthy number of regular columns appear each month and other 'feature' articles on RV travel and RV news, as the primary focus. Please do not query us before you spend some quality time with our publication. We expect our writers to know our readers and to help them solve problems, suggest quality destinations and events, and give them news and editorial content which is appropriate and interesting to the RV lifestyle.

  • Upon publication, Western RV News will pay 8 cents per published word
    and $5 per image for original articles.
  • Feature articles are (800 - 1,200 words) and are generally assigned.
  • We are currently accepting short stories (300 words or less) on subjects such as readying your RV for the road, and 'Just Off I-5' a series which shows RVers events, destinations, and 'finds' right off the freeway on their way to where they are going.

  • We are always on the lookout for NEWS but we avoid running press releases that sell. Our 'Product Spotlight' is a regular feature that showcases a product or resource which is truly helpful to the RVer and tent-camper. Submissions in this category are always accepted.

The Rules:

  • We only accept first rights articles - we do not accept reprint submissions at all.
  • We only accept submissions via email - we do not accept submissions by regular mail.
  • We receive a huge number of submissions daily so please show patience in awaiting our response.
  • Our editorial lead time is typically 9 to 12 months, although this varies.
  • If we are interested in your query, we will ask to see tearsheets of your previous work.
  • All submissions should include word count, author's name, address, phone number, and email.
  • We do expect the submission to include images - we do not accept transparencies or slides.
  • Images must be submitted as (in order of preference) digital files, CD or as photographic prints.
  • Digital files must be TIFF or EPS at a resolution of 300 dpi and submitted via email or on a CD (PC format).
  • Author warrants copyright ownership and unconditional rights to reproduce/publish and must have model and/or property releases available upon request for each image, where applicable.
  • Editors and graphic designers reserve the right to retouch, crop, or alter images for layout purposes.
  • Materials will be returned after publication if requested.
  • Accepted article submissions will be edited, shortened, or trimmed down to meet space requirements.
  • All submitted work must be grammatically clean and well documented with an emphasis on accuracy.
  • Authors warrant that material submitted is their original work and that they are sole owners of publishing rights.
  • By submitting articles to Western RV News & Recreation, it is understood that the author has read and agrees to the terms detailed in these guidelines.

    Send us your submissions via our submission forms only. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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