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Coachmen RV Has a Blast
February, 6 2007

Introducing an Innovative New Lightweight Toy Hauler

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' The Blast' may be small, but it packs a big punch. Blast ' a multi-purpose hauler from the Adrenaline Toy Hauler Division of Coachmen RV ' made its debut at the 2006 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

"What makes this little trailer so exciting is its versatility. It truly is a multi-purpose unit," said Lawton Tinley, president of the Adrenaline Toy Hauler Division. "A guy can take it to the worksite, hauling all his materials and equipment, and then on the weekend, empty it out and load up his motorcycle or ATV."

Most SUVs, half-ton pickups and even smaller vehicles can easily tow the Blast. The trailer has base weights starting at 3,400 pounds, and its box length starts at 15 feet.

The exterior aluminum skin is durable and functional. Coachmen added an eye-catching graphics package and a fiberglass sidewall option. The rally wheels on the tandem axles complete the sporty look.

A generator rack integrated onto the A frame hitch allows the owner to have plenty of electrical power on demand.

The rear ramp door utilizes coil spring hinges so there are no cables to get in the way while loading equipment, and the door can handle up to 2,000 pounds of weight. An exterior option is a retractable hose for washing sporting equipment after use.

Once inside, it's obvious that Blast is more than a cargo trailer. For its size, Blast is surprisingly spacious. The interior height is 6 feet 9 inches and multiple windows let in plenty of natural light. "What makes this so much more than a cargo trailer is all of the at-home features Blast has," said Tinley. "You have a shower, a marine toilet, a microwave, a refrigerator and an 18,000 BTU furnace. You can be completely self-contained anywhere."

The galley in Blast is complete with a two-burner cooktop, black appliances and stainless steel sink. The countertops are charcoal laminate and the granite cabinetry employs thermofoil cabinet doors. The dinette table is suitable for use inside or outside. Coachmen finished the interior decor in Mojave Stone. Flooring throughout is fuel resistant linoleum to keep the trailer looking sharp inside for years.

"We put attention into the details," said Tinley. "For example, the sidewalls are reinforced so you can hang things from it. We also made sure the floor was insulated for climate control."

The 15-foot model sleeps two on the large fold-out sofa. The 17-foot model can sleep four with its 54 by 74-inch fold-up bed in the rear and the two bunk beds in the front. A single electric trac queen bed that will rise up out of the way when not in use is optional on select models.

Blast is a multi-use hauler. It can work hard during the week and play even harder on the weekends. And, it's all at a very affordable price. The manufacturer's suggested retail price begins at $11,850. (Prices can vary according to features and region.)

Redesigned 2007 Sportscoach Encore Has Power and Style
February, 6 2007

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' Unique styling and dynamic energy team up in the completely redesigned Encore' Class A diesel from Sportscoach. The engine, a 7.2-liter Mercedes MBE 926, produces 330 horsepower and 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque. That's plenty of power to cruise the interstates or tackle Rocky Mountain National Park. Sportscoach pairs the Mercedes engine with an Allison MH-3000 six-speed transmission for unprecedented power and performance.

The platform for this coach is the Freightliner raised rail chassis. The raised rail construction allows Sportscoach to engineer in a cavernous 124 cubic feet of pass-through basement storage. Accessing that storage is easy with the side mounted aluminum compartment doors with slam latches. Front and rear basement slide trays are optional.

Even at 70 mph on the highway, the Encore 40 TS turns heads with its exciting graphics and great looks. Owners have eight vibrant exterior full paint options to choose from. 22.5-inch polished aluminum rims complete the outstanding look.

Everything about Encore is designed for convenience and ease. Dual fuel fills? Of course. No more trying to maneuver in a gas station's parking lot. Need to run additional appliances? An 8.0 kw diesel generator is now standard.

Enter the cockpit and you immediately realize the luxury Encore offers. Owners can choose leather or fabric for the six-way power pilot seats with adjustable arms. The tilt steering wheel telescopes for total driver comfort. The advantages of the one-piece windshield paired with the exclusive Site Rite' dash that angles downward immediately become evident. Together, they provide a clear and confident view of the road with reduced front blind spots and that means safety.

The interior of Encore is designed to feel like home. There are four interior decor options ' Mosaic Spice, Emerald Bay, Chateau Stone and Urban Onyx that match up with two wood options ' Brazilian Cherry and Sicilian Cherry.

When parked at the campsite, a flick of the switch operates the three slideouts, creating an inviting and spacious interior. Two are in the living-kitchen area; the third is in the bedroom with its true flat floor.

The sleeper sofa and love seat are comfortable spots from which to watch the 32-inch LCD flat panel television in coach area. The Encore comes prewired for a satellite dish.

The kitchen is equipped with a double door refrigerator with raised hardwood panels, a three-burner range and oven plus a 30-inch microwave oven. Solid surface countertops with the stainless steel, undercounter, double bowl sink give the kitchen an elegant look.

From its residential headboard and directional reading lights to the flat floor and the space expanding slide-out, the bedroom is as elegant as it's practical. A concealed 17-inch flat screen TV swivels out for easy viewing.

In the bath, a one-piece shower surround has a textured glass door. A skylight over the shower provides additional lighting.

With a manufacturer's suggested retail price beginning at $199,200, Encore is the perfect motorhome for the experienced RVer who enjoys the finer things in life. It offers unprecedented style inside, bold exterior graphics and a powerful engine to take you wherever the road leads. For more information visit

Large Scale Dometic Refrigerator Recall Announced!
January, 30 2007

Thanks to Escapees Club for the following report:

by Mark Nemeth

Dometic Corporation is in the process of issuing recalls for over 900,000 RV refrigerators. The problem, a potential fire hazard, affects many refrigerators manufactured between 1997 and 2003. The following is excerpted from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration's website at

NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 06E076000
Potential Number Of Units Affected: 926877
Models Affected: NDR1062 RM2652 RM2662 RM2663 RM2852 RM2862 RM3662 RM3663 RM3862 RM3863






To verify that your refrigerator is affected, you can either call Dometic at the number listed above, or visit their website for the recall at www.dometicusa.com/recall.php. Be sure to have your refrigerator's model number and serial number ready.

The following is excerpted from Dometic's recall information:
The information that you entered indicated that your refrigerator is affected by this voluntary recall. Please do the following:

#1 Turn the refrigerator off immediately if you notice any of the following indicators:
' Leakage or staining at the back of the refrigerator.
' Yellow residue at the back or sides of the refrigerator.
' The smell of ammonia.
' Refrigerator does not properly cool.

Any unit found to have one or more of the characteristics mentioned above MUST be shut down and not operated until the unit is fixed and the recall rework administered.

#2 For any unit that does fall within the recall population but does not exhibit any of the four indicators mentioned in #1, consider the following: Do not operate your refrigerator on LP gas. Switching to electric power lowers the incident rate associated with LP gas. If you own a 3-way refrigerator, running the unit on 12-volt power carries the least risk of all. 3-way refrigerators have model numbers that end in "3."

Dometic recommends that the unit not be operated on electric unless absolutely necessary until your unit has been serviced. If you choose to operate your unit on electric prior to the recall rework, you must inspect the burner area weekly for any of the indicators referenced in number 1 above. Dometic recommends that you turn off the gas valve at the back of your refrigerator. DO NOT, however, attempt to disconnect the gas supply. If you must operate your refrigerator on electric, DO NOT operate your refrigerator while in transit or while asleep.

The rework kit will be available in early April 2007. At that time, call your preferred service center to set up an appointment. For help in locating a service center or for the most up-to-date recall information, call 1-888-446-5157.

Le Towele is Always With You
January, 30 2007

(Santee, California) - It's a frustrating problem that we often face while doing everyday tasks at home or at work. You need a towel to clean up a spot or wipe your hands but one isn't available or is just out of reach. But now a new product called the Le Towel' gives consumers a unique and handy retractable towel that is always by their side.

Le Towel' (pronounced towel-ay) is a 14" x 16" black micro-fiber towel that attaches to a retractable cord which draws back into a clip-on waistband device. Users simply pull the towel up when needed and then let it conveniently and effortlessly return to their side when they are done. Le Towel' can also be clipped to an included one-size-fits-all Velcro belt instead of the waistband. The high-quality towel can easily be removed from the device and machine-washed for use another day.

"I got tired of searching for a towel when I needed one," says Le Towel' Inventor & ARGEE Corporation President Robert Goldman. "Now I always have a towel by my side that I can depend on.

January, 26 2007

Spending a lot of time outdoors means that zippers and snaps will inevitably become difficult to work with. E-Z Snap zipper and snap lubricant from Iosso Products reduces wear, friction and binding caused by water, tree sap, insects and more.

E-Z Snap protects snaps, zippers, hinges and hardware from the corrosion, dust and grime that makes these devices stick. Its non-hazardous formula does not contain any solvents, silicone or Teflon. It will not stain or damage surrounding fabric or surfaces. And it won't evaporate or run in hot weather.

The lubricant from Iosso Products is also easy to use. RV owners simply clean the surface removing any sand, dirt or debris and put a small amount of E-Z Snap directly to the head of a snap, along a zipper or on the barrel of a hinge. It is easily distributed as the zipper or snap is used. To prolong the life and usability of zippers and snaps, RV enthusiasts should reapply E-Z Snap periodically and prior to storage periods.

January, 26 2007

SPOKANE, WA - Scooters of all kinds are soaring in popularity, due to their low fuel consumption. But the new Kasea/Arqmoto brand electric motorscooters take economic conservation one step farther. Powered by either a 1500- or 2000-watt brushless electric motor, these scooters not only pass up the gas pumps completely, they produce no harmful emissions. And even though riders buzz along at speeds up to 40 mph, these peppy little powerplants remain whisper-quiet, making them welcome anywhere noise pollution is a concern. Over the last three years, Kasea electric scooters have become a favorite in Europe, where automotive travel is impractical and expensive. Kasea teamed with Arqmoto in 2006 and began marketing some newer, more powerful models here in the United States.

Lighter, and easier to ride than most gas-powered scooters, Kasea/Arqmoto electric motorscooters weigh in at around 286 lbs. They are built with quality components, and prove to be nearly maintenance-free.

January, 26 2007


Mosaic' Travel Gear Makes Its Debut in specialty stores around the United States.

Members of the National Luggage Dealers Association (NLDA), the leading trade association of independent specialty luggage stores in the United States, have put their many years of experience to work to conceive the Mosaic luggage collection. Mosaic luggage was designed to exacting standards to create a sleek and simple travel gear system featuring Easy Find', a customizable I.D. system for luggage that makes it easy to identify your case at baggage claim. Mosaic Travel Gear is sold exclusively in NLDA stores.

In addition to the Easy Find system, Mosaic luggage was designed with the Travel Shield' another first-time luggage innovation, a durable stain and water resistant nylon cover that protects your luggage in travel and in storage.

January, 26 2007

LAS VEGAS ' Winegard Company was awarded the 2007 Peach Award from Stag Parkway during its annual dealer show here. The award recognizes Winegard for its outstanding product quality and new technology, its commitment to dealer training, technical service, and superior communications efforts.

'We are honored to receive this award from Stag Parkway,' said Aaron Engberg, manager of Winegard's mobile products division. 'We dedicated ourselves this year to making our dealer training and technical service the best in the industry, and this award is testimony that our program is a success.'

Winegard supplies a number of its mobile entertainment products to Stag Parkway, including its line of RoadTrip' and Movin' View' domed satellite television antennas, the Sensar' off-air television antenna, and a wide array of television accessories.

Winegard Company has been manufacturing quality television and radio reception products for more than 50 years.

January, 26 2007

Motor coach interior design styles are fully tuned into luxury and reflecting the refined taste of the vehicle's owner. Choosing wood grains from exotic locales like Brazil or South Africa for paneling and trim work further enhances the luxurious feel owners demand in their vehicles. Imagicor panels by Designed Images, Inc. duplicate the unique patterns found in non-traditional hardwoods and remain long-lasting and easy to care for.

Even the names of the Imagicor panels sound exotic. Coach designers can offer choices like zebrawood, ebony, Madagascar ebony and mappa. The grain pattern in zebrawood is a subtle contrast between lighter and darker shades, while ebony provides a dark luster. Madagascar ebony is ebony's darker, richer cousin and mappa grains evoke an old world feel. No matter the taste or personality of the owner, Imagicor panels customize the look of any luxury motor coach.

Imagicor panels will withstand years of travel and use.

Firestone Air Spring/Shock Absorber & Electronic System Integration Enhances RV Experience
January, 26 2007

Firestone Industrial Products introduces new leveling products at RVIA show.

' Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC (FSIP) has expanded its suspension solutions for motor homes and recreational vehicles with the integration of air springs with shock absorbers and electronic systems.

The new Level-Rite air spring and damper system addresses a market need and technical challenge. Pickups and SUVs equipped with a winch, grill guard, snow plow, or cab-over-camper require a front suspension leveling system. Certain vehicles with front torsion bar suspension have small amounts of available room for traditional leveling accessories. The solution to this opportunity was among the products FSIP featured at the 2006 National RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) Trade Show in Louisville in November. The easy-to install, 'no drill' Level-Rite kit combines a fully protected air spring with a high-performance Bilstein' shock absorber.

'After a very extensive testing program and strong demand from our customers, we are excited to introduce the Level-Rite leveling solution,' said Paul Gibson, Product Manager, Ride Rite Division. 'Over the last 68 years, Firestone Industrial Products has developed a technology portfolio capable of meeting extremely demanding specifications, and we're pleased to introduce this first to our friends and customers in the recreational vehicle industry.'

In addition to Level-Rite, FSIP introduced an expansion to its IntelliRide' system. The IntelliRide air spring system incorporates the latest technology in electronic leveling. It is engineered to optimize air spring performance as it reads and adapts to road, vehicle and driver inputs. This line has been expanded to include both rear-only (two corner) and front-and-rear (four corner) full air suspension electronic leveling. The products provide multiple-height control and automatic leveling using an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU interacts with a height sensor to provide three user-programmed heights, campsite leveling, and individual corner control.

About Firestone Industrial Products (FSIP), LLC:
Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC, a subsidiary of BFS Diversified Products, LLC, specializes in air spring manufacturing and technology with a history of more than 60 years of research and development of technologically advanced air springs. BFS Diversified Products, LLC, based in Indianapolis, Ind., is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc. (BSAH). BFDP is responsible for BSAH's non-tire businesses including building and industrial products, synthetic and natural rubber, and fiber and textile businesses.

Workhorse Increases Powertrain Warranty for its Gas Motor Home Chassis
January, 26 2007

Five years or 100,000 miles is RV industry's best

' Motor home chassis manufacturer Workhorse Custom Chassis continues its leadership in providing peace of mind to motor home owners ' it's now offering the best powertrain warranty in the motor home industry.

Workhorse will warranty its powertrains on gas motor home products, beginning with 2007 chassis models, for 100,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first. Production of 2007 platforms began in July 2006. Workhorse uses General Motors powertrains for its gas chassis. In September, General Motors also announced it would extend the powertrain warranty of its complete car and light truck lineup. That change applies to the popular Chevy-Workhorse 14,050 lb. GVWR Class C chassis for motor homes.

Workhorse Class A gas chassis all use GM's 8.1L Vortec' engine, with the exception of the W16/18 model (16,000 and 18,000 lb. GVWR), where the 8.1 L engine is an option to the standard 6.0 L Vortec.

This upgrade applies to Workhorse's W16/18, W20/22, W24/25.

5 and new Workhorse UFO' gas chassis. The extended warranty covers the engine, transmission and rear axle assembly. It includes the Hydramatic 4L85-E or 4L80-E transmissions used with W16/18 chassis. The Allison transmissions used with the other models will continue to be covered by Allison's five-year or 200,000-mile warranty.

All other Workhorse parts and components supplied or installed by Workhorse will continue to be covered as before by Workhorse's limited three-year/36,000 mile warranty. 'This extended warranty reflects the confidence we have in the quality of our product. You can talk about quality, but the warranty says how well you back up the talk. This warranty covers the guts of the driving platform and provides additional peace of mind to the motor home owner,' said Bill Walmsley, Workhorse RV marketing manager. 'We see ourselves as the customer's advocate to the RV industry,' continued Walmsley. 'These new warranty terms are part of our effort to elevate the level of RV quality and service ' exactly what RVers are demanding and what so many in our business are talking about. Additionally, average RVers trade in their motor home on a cycle that is just short of five years. Now they will have peace of mind throughout the ownership experience. What we're telling RVers is that the Workhorse chassis is not only great to drive ' it's the one you can rely on.'

Workhorse Custom Chassis
Workhorse Custom Chassis is ISO 9001 certified and a leader in the manufacture of chassis for motor homes, walk-in trucks and buses. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Truck and Engine Corporation. For additional information call 877-294-6773 or visit www.workhorse.com.

International Truck and Engine Corporation is the operating company of Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV). In addition to Workhorse brand chassis, the company produces International' brand commercial trucks, mid-range diesel engines and IC brand school buses, and is a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets. A wholly owned subsidiary offers financing services. Additional information is available at:

Full-Wall Slide Model Takes Coachmen's Aurora' in a Spacious New Direction
January, 26 2007

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' The premier of Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company's Aurora' Full-Wall Slide-Out at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville breaks new ground for Coachmen gas Class A motorhomes. This is Coachmen's first full-wall slide-out and represents a total redesign for the Aurora product line, featuring incredible exterior pass through storage (107 cubic feet), side opening compartment doors, all new sleek automotive front and rear molded cap designs, one-piece windshield, seven-foot interior height, and most impressively, a creative one of a kind floorplan.

"Response to this new product at Louisville was fantastic," said Mark Weber, product and sales manager for Coachmen's gas Class A motorhomes. "Dealers were really wowed by the innovation and styling of this new model." The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Aurora 36 FWS begins at $118,000.

This coach is 35-feet-7-inches long. The 25-foot slide-out room starts behind the driver's seat and goes well into the rear of the bedroom, greatly enhancing the interior space.

Weber noted that Coachmen engineers took extraordinary care while designing the slide to ensure a good balance on the coach, and their dedicated work paid off.

Coachmen builds this motorhome on the W-22 platform from Workhorse Custom Chassis. This chassis provides 22,000 lbs. GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), giving the coach plenty of carrying capacity. The Vortec' 8100 V8 8.1L engine from General Motors coupled with the Allison' six-speed automatic transmission powers the coach, giving it exceptional ride and handling characteristics.

The Aurora FWS sports eye-catching exterior graphics with partial paint applied to high-gloss sidewalls. Beefy 22.5-inch wheels, custom fiberglass front and rear caps and the one-piece windshield contribute to the overall sleek look, Coachmen incorporated its Sight Rite' dash with the windshield to improve visibility and reduce front blind spots. For operator convenience, Coachmen built Aurora Full Wall Slide with fully automatic hydraulic leveling jacks plus heated and remote controlled exterior mirrors.

Finding room for all the gear needed for any adventure is simple with the 107 cubic feet of pass through storage. Accessing that storage is also easy with side-hinged compartment doors and lighted storage bays.

Driving Aurora is a pleasure. The coach is equipped with deluxe pilot seats with integrated three-point seat belts. The cockpit is designed for comfort and convenience with a tilt steering wheel, defrost dash fans, dash air conditioning, power sun visors and even a passenger-side pullout computer desk. The state-of-the-art three-way rear view camera is activated by the turn signal, allowing the driver to see directly behind or on either side of the coach.

Step into the living area and forget you are in a motorhome. Aurora exudes spaciousness. The coach is a full eight feet wide before the full wall slide is activated and the extra high interior ceiling is seven feet tall. Large windows and bright decors add to the feeling of spaciousness. Coachmen offers four different fabric choices: Onyx Haze, Sicilian Umber, Castleton Cream and Blue Saxony and two wood options, Welbeck Birch and Brazilian Cherry. The upscale living area features a 70-inch sofa, a leather recliner and a 26-inch LCD overhead television.

Solid surface kitchen countertops grace the galley, which comes equipped with a stainless steel microwave oven, stainless steel three-burner range with oven, a double bowl kitchen sink with a designer faucet, and a large double door refrigerator. A deluxe side-by-side refrigerator is optional. Serve meals at the legless buffet style dinette that seats two or pulls out to comfortably fit four.

The yacht style bedroom is in a class by itself. The queen bed is set at an angle, yielding a new and innovative furniture arrangement. A 20-inch LCD television is mounted on the wall, and the huge wardrobe provides exceptional storage space.

Aurora represents the top of the line for Coachmen's Class A gas motorhomes. The Aurora 36 FWS takes that top of the line up another notch.

Coachmen's Capri Micro' May Be Small, But It Packs Plenty of Style and Features
January, 11 2007

Three Innovative Floorplans Available

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' Coachmen RV's Capri Micro' is intended for campers who want to use a traditional vehicle for those weekend getaways but don't want to forgo the features found in larger trailers. Capri Micro made its grand debut in late November at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville.

Available in three innovative floorplans with exterior box lengths ranging from 13 feet to 17 feet, the Capri Micro features base weights starting under 3,000 lbs. "The Capri Micro is the perfect trailer for weekend campers who don't want to purchase a special tow vehicle. Many mini-vans can tow the smaller Capri (the 135 RE), and small SUVs and light pickups are sufficient to tow the other two models," said Kevin McMahon, product and sales manager for Coachmen's lightweight towables. "A young couple or snowbirds who want something they can tow with their traditional vehicle find Capri Micros very appealing."

Adding to Capri Micro's appeal is its affordable price. The MSRP on this trailer ranges from $12,700 to $13,995.

A quick walk around the Capri Micro demonstrates how Coachmen designers went for small size with big style. Coachmen employs six-side laminated aluminum construction to create a trailer that is lightweight, yet durable. Bold graphics highlight the laminated sidewalls and the rally wheels add a touch of class.

Coachmen's engineers devoted special attention to exterior storage, much of it pass through storage. Hitching or unhitching late at night or early in the morning? A standard hitch light makes the job easier. And, if your weekend adventures involve getting extra dirty, Capri Micro provides an optional exterior shower. For entertainment an AM/FM CD player with external speakers is a convenient option.

Step inside the Capri Micro and forget this is an ultra lite trailer. This trailer is eight feet wide while most of the competition is only seven or seven and a half feet. The interior height is 79 inches compared with 76 for most of the competition. "We planned Capri Micro to be very roomy while at the same time it is small and easy to tow," said McMahon. "We also used a lot of oversized windows to add to the spacious feel of this coach."

Cabinetry is available in your choice of Summit Maple or Camp White, and fabric selections are Island Plum or Chestnut Falls. "It's a very livable product," said McMahon.

Coachmen engineers maximum interior storage into its products and Capri Micro is no exception. The three micro models average 18 doors and drawers of storage. The largest model, the 179 QB, has a bed-lift storage system.

"We have the only 15-foot floorplan with an actual double bed and sofa combination," said McMahon. The larger 179 QB has a queen bed. The smallest Capri, the 135 RE, sleeps three, while the other two models sleep four comfortably.

At 36 gallons, Capri Micro has the largest fresh water capacity in its class. Capri Micro also stands out because it has a "dry bath" with the toilet separated from the shower unit. Many ultra lites in this class use a wet bath in which the toilet is included in the shower stall.

The stylish Capri Micro may be small but it has all the features found in larger trailers. The Capri Micro puts the fun into RVing.

Cat' C7 Engine to Power Workhorse R Series Diesel Chassis
January, 10 2007

A perfect match for the RV market!

UNION CITY, Ind. ' And now, you can get a Workhorse with a Cat'! Workhorse Custom Chassis and Caterpillar' are announcing another new choice for motor home owners. Starting in April, the Workhorse R Series Diesel chassis will be exclusively powered by a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine.

Caterpillar is the RV market leader in diesel power and a fitting match for one of the most innovative diesel chassis on the market, said Bob Wert, Workhorse vice president of sales and marketing. 'We are the customer's advocate to the RV industry,' said Wert. 'We are dedicated to bringing new choices to the RV consumer, and based on what we know consumers want, this was an irresistible match to make.'

The 2007 C7 used for the R Series is an in-line, 6 cylinder, 7.2 liter powerplant that generates 350 hp at 2,400 rpm and 925 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,440 rpm. It is fully compliant with 2007 emissions standards, using Caterpillar's unique ACERT' Technology.

ACERT uses a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in place of today's diesel oxidation catalyst and reduces sound to eliminate the need for a muffler. Made from ceramic material, Cat's DPF employs 'wall flow' technology to capture particulate matter, or soot, from the exhaust gas, which the engine heat oxidizes. In cases of extended idling or low ambient temperatures, where not enough engine heat is generated, the proprietary Cat Regeneration System (CRS) takes over to oxidize the remaining soot. Cat's CRS offers controlled self-regeneration under all conditions and is optimized for less frequent service intervals. What all this means is No customer intervention in the regeneration process.

Additional changes to the 2007 R Series Diesel will include the introduction of Workhorse's patented WISE' (Workhorse Integrated Smart Electrical) multiplexing system, which puts all of the coach's electrical systems under one control center to simplify monitoring and control.

'A great chassis has just gotten better,' said Wert. 'We have a number of manufacturers very interested in this development, and we think the R Series Diesel's time has come to shine in this market.'

The R Series Diesel has received high marks for its excellent ride and handling from owners and test drive surveys. This is due to its groundbreaking design that includes a more forward and lowered engine placement and rear parallelogram suspension with a V-rod sway bar, which helps reduce tail wag and decrease body roll. It also makes innovative use of existing technology to provide superior cooling.

The R Series Diesel has GVWR options of 28,000, 29,000 and 32,000 lbs. It currently uses a raised rail construction with a main frame of 50,000 psi steel. An I-Beam front suspension with custom-tuned air springs along with front and rear Gabriel' Ryde FX shock absorbers further contribute to the platform's excellent stability and ride.

Country Coach Introduces The All-New Rhapsody 900 Motorcoach
January, 10 2007

Luxury takes on a new meaning with the All-New Rhapsody 900 Motorcoach

Junction City, Oregon ' Country Coach, Inc. (CCI), a highline diesel motorcoach builder celebrating its 34th year of luxury motorcoach manufacturing excellence, has proudly announced the release of the all-new Rhapsody 900. The Rhapsody 900 joins an unparalleled line of motorcoaches, including the Tribute 260, Inspire 360, Allure 400 Series, Intrigue 530, Magna 630, Affinity 700 Custom and Country Coach Prevost Conversion. As the latest addition to this sophisticated line of motorcoaches, the Rhapsody 900 boasts a uniquely unprecedented list of highly luxurious features and amenities. The Rhapsody 900 by Country Coach is the result of the devoted and passionate efforts of Country Coach and Caterpillar engineers who worked closely for over a year to develop the proper power train for the Rhapsody motorcoach. With 625HP and 2050 lb/ft torque, the 15.2L CAT C15 engine teams with the newly-minted CAT CX Series transmission for optimal results.

This torque curve is achieved with six speeds in a smooth and easy driving world transmission, allowing the driver to push 'D' for Drive, step on the gas, and never think about shifting again.

The DynoMax steel chassis on this 45' motorcoach boasts slide rooms measuring lengths of 15'-plus, 13'-plus, and two at 11'-plus, each featuring aluminum internal construction, near-zero tolerance flush fit design and aircraft-type inflatable seals. With a 54,000 pound GVWR, including an amazing 20,000-pound front axle, and a 20,000-pound towing capacity the chassis offers a solid foundation, unprecedented handling, and enviable maneuverability. In the front of the coach is the new Liquid Spring independent front suspension with smooth, responsive handling and independent travel of each wheel, offers 20,000 pounds carrying capacity. In the rear just in front of solid Ridewell drive axle suspension is a tag axle never seen before in a luxury motorcoach. Imported from the Netherlands, this steerable tag is designed for the tight corners and small parking areas on the European roadways. Using forced-steer drive-by-wire technology, a finger's move of the driver turns the axle with none of the pushback of other systems. The Weweler steerable tag in tandem with the Liquid Spring IFS gives this 45-foot motorcoach an astounding 36'5' turning radius.

The all-new Rhapsody 900 touts beautifully textured exterior full bus paint, and entry door with air-over-center function which moves directly out from the opening, then swings gently to the left for entry. With wide, turning entryway stairs and a completely customized residential suite, the living area of the Rhapsody is an experience in and of itself. By means of a sculpted galley, the floorplan transitions past a half bath and into the bedroom where an angled bed accentuates room space and livability. Beyond the bed and walk-in storage area is the rear full bath where the ceiling steps up as you do for maximum spacious living and one-of-a-kind luxury. The Rhapsody must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

In 2007, less than 20 Rhapsody motorcoaches will be built. Each is handcrafted by the same Conversion division that produces Country Coach's renowned Prevost Bus Conversions. Extreme power and performance, the ultimate in sophistication and state-of-the-art intelligence make the Rhapsody 900 by Country Coach a uniquely luxurious and highly touted addition to the World's Finest Motorcoaches.

Country Coach currently employs over 1,700 men and women manufacturing highline motorcoaches in lengths ranging from 34 to 45 feet. These 102-inch wide-body diesel pusher engine luxury coaches include the Tribute 260, Inspire 360, Allure 400 Series, Intrigue 530, Magna 630, Affinity 700 Custom, Rhapsody 900 and Country Coach Prevost Conversion. For more information on the company and its motorcoaches, please contact Matt Howard, Senior Director, Marketing and Sales Administration at 800-654-0223, or 541-953-5754 (mobile). You may learn more about Country Coach, Inc. on-line at
www.countrycoach.com. Country Coach, Inc. and its sister company National RV are subsidiaries of National R.V. Holdings, Inc., traded on the NYSE Arca exchange ("NYSE Arca") under the symbol 'NVH'.

Coachmen's Concord: Luxury Living
January, 9 2007

Coachmen's Concord is perfect for those ready to downsize from Class A motor homes!

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' The experienced RVer who wants to downsize from a Class A motorhome but does not want to give up luxurious amenities should take a look at the Concord Class C from Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company.

This low profile coach with aerodynamic styling has the look and feel of the luxury coaches. Yet, it is sleek and easy to drive, making it ideal for the RVers seeking a touring vehicle. Laminated curved sidewalls and entrance door combine with bold exterior graphics to give Concord a distinctive look.

For 2007, Concord has undergone a radical transformation with a host of innovative and user-friendly features and designs. The new rear perimeter cap integrates LED running lights, and the acrylic exterior grab handle is lighted for safety. The back end features a raised departure angle, enhancing rear ground clearance. All floorplans are equipped with a heavy-duty, 5,000-pound tow hitch with a seven-way plug.

Concord also sports class leading exterior storage, making it easy to load all the equipment needed for adventure.

This coach has more exterior storage than any comparable vehicle on the market, and the storage boxes are one-piece rotocast compartments with drains, making for easy cleaning.

A redesigned patio entertainment center now comes with a remote control for convenience. Coachmen's exclusive Water Works' Panel and No-Mess' termination system are two user-friendly features that make your camping experience a breeze. The holding tanks on Concord are heated, making the coach ideal for multi-seasonal camping.

A new feature recently made available on Concord is the full-paint exterior graphics option. Full-paint graphics are available in two selections: Pewter and Sandstone.

Coachmen builds Concord on a Ford chassis with a 6.8L gas engine that delivers 305 horsepower and 420 lb. ft. of torque. That's plenty of power to drive through the mountains or to pass on the interstate. For those who want the power and prestige of diesel, two of the three Concord floor plans offer a 6.0L Ford diesel engine as an option. This engine delivers 235 horsepower and 440 lb. ft. of torque.

Step on the new fiberglass running boards with a wider surface area and see how easy it is to enter the automotive style cockpit. The cockpit features an innovative plastic molded headliner in place of the traditional vinyl headliner that can sag over time. The deluxe chassis package features power windows and locks, cruise control, drink holders and dual airbags. Automotive inspired two-tone captains chairs recline put you in control. Standard on every Concord is a deluxe dash stereo that has a built-in Weatherband and is Sirius' Satellite ready. With the touch of a button, the integrated backup camera flips up from the dash stereo.

Interior space is maximized with a cutaway cab area that makes stepping from the cockpit to the living area easier. Concord's entertainment center features a state-of-the-art electronics package consisting of a large 26-inch LCD TV, a Bose Wave Radio and DVD player.

Concord comes in three different and well-appointed floorplans with one, two or three slideouts. There are two designer cabinetry colors to choose from: Welbeck Birch and Brazilian Cherry. The three decor selections are Bronzeville Haven, Mint Julep and Santa Cruz Sage.

The living area is spacious and inviting. Its upscale features include hardwood cabinet doors with hidden hinges, plush short shag carpet, designer lighting and stainless steel style appliances. A hide-a-bed sofa is another class leading feature standard on all floorplans. Full extension ball bearing drawer guides make for easy access to stored items. Skylights in the hallway area brighten the coach, and the redesigned all-in-one command center allows easy monitoring of all coach functions.

Concord will sleep two to four, depending on the model. The 275 DS and 300TS come with a queen bed and a dresser with a TV shelf in the bedroom. For the 275 DS, the hide-a-bed can be replaced with an optional U-dinette.

The galley features a sealed three-burner cooktop and a convection microwave oven. The double door refrigerator fits perfectly with the stainless steel appliance package. Covers that fit over the double bowl kitchen sink provide even more working space. Designer countertops complete the look.

Concord is the Class C motorhome with Class A looks. RVers seeking maximum comfort and features in a smaller package will find the Concord a perfect solution.

The base manufacturer's suggested retail price on Concord starts at $77,300.

Workhorse UFO' Beats Competitor's Air Brakes by More Than a Coach Length
January, 9 2007

The conventional wisdom is that the air brakes on a rear diesel pusher motor home can beat anything mechanical found on a gas-powered motor home. If you want the best in stopping power, that's the way to go.

This is among the assumptions the new Workhorse UFO' chassis has just shattered. Test data indicates the Workhorse UFO' HPB Quadraulic' four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes are superior to the competition's air brakes.

Results from head to head tests performed at the Bosch Proving Grounds in South Bend, Ind., have been released by Workhorse Custom Chassis. They show the Workhorse UFO' coming to a complete stop more than a coach length sooner from 60 mph than the competition's rear diesel pusher.

Here are the facts:
' Coach on Workhorse UFO' 26,000 lb. GVWR loaded to 26,000 lb.: Average stopping distance, 60 mph to 0 mph, 189 feet*.
' Similar coach on competitor's 28,000 lb. GVWR rear diesel pusher with air brakes and loaded to 26,000 lbs.: Average stopping distance, 60 mph to 0 mph, 238 feet*.
' Difference: Workhorse UFO' stopped 49 feet sooner.

Qwik Cover' Protection For Your Topless Jeep From Covercraft
January, 9 2007

Qwick Cover Protects Topless Jeep Models

Pauls Valley, OK: Qwik Cover' is Covercraft's latest interior protection product for topless Jeep' models. It not only protects your interior from birds, animals and Mother Nature, it also keeps the seats cooler and cleaner while parked on those summer road and off-road trips. Qwik Cover' is easy to install, and stores quickly in its built-in breathable storage bag, which secures to the stock Jeep' rear window anchor bar.

Qwik Cover' is available in three tiers of material protection. Block-It 100' provides basic protection against UV damage, Block-It 380' provides UV, moisture and dust resistance as well as breathability and softness, and WeatherShield' which is light-weight and blocks dust, moisture and UV while providing the highest water resistance. Plus Weathershield' folds into a compact size for easy handling. Qwik Cover' is available in Gray or Taupe depending on the material you choose. An adjustable shock cord is supplied to help secure the cover to your vehicle.

For more information on Qwik Cover', and all their other handy vehicle protection products, log on at
www.covercraft.com or contact Covercraft Industries, 100 Enterprise Boulevard, Pauls Valley, OK 73075, 800-426-8377, In OK 405-238-9651, Fax: 405-238-9601.

January, 9 2007

Aerodynamic Cargo Carrier

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Let's Go Aero (LGA), the leader in aerodynamic cargo carrier solutions, announces the next generation of its telescoping cargo carrier, made specifically for the recreational vehicle, light truck and sport utility vehicle markets.

Able to carry up to two bicycles and 300 lbs. of gear, the new GearSpace 34(tm) system is the largest of its kind, featuring 34 cubic feet of storage space in an aerodynamic and family friendly location. The company's patented clamshell lid allows for every inch of cargo space to be utilized and accessed easily.

"The need for this level of cargo capacity continues to increase, and with the introduction of GearSpace 34, LGA's product development team continues to provide more value at lower prices to customers - that's a big deal," said Marty Williams, president, LGA. "LGA has delivered new value and features to consumers with a world class product at a very competitive price that opens the doors to distribution and markets that were not attainable with GearSpace's predecessor.

We've spent the last two years completely retooling the GearSpace design into what the market told us was important. We are very proud of the result."

LGA's GMC Professional Grade Award winning (2002 SEMA Show) TwinTube(tm) hitch carrier serves as the structural foundation for GearSpace 34, providing the carrier with stability, strength and user-friendliness.

TwinTube's telescoping capability (up to 31-inches of rear slide clearance from receiver pin hole), allows GearSpace 34 users easy access to rear doors and cargo areas. And TwinTube is highly adjustable for added rear clearance needs like spare tires ladders and bumper overhangs.

Adding to the stability of the GearSpace 34 carrier is the integration of LGA's Silent Hitch Pin(tm) technology.

"The Silent Hitch Pin takes the movement and noise out of the connection between your vehicles towing system and what is in it," Williams said. "The result is silence. No noise, no vibration and no free-play."

GearSpace 34 retails for $1,287.65. The system is offered in a light or dark gray tone and includes Light Emitting Diode (LED) stop, turn and tail lights, an illuminated license plate bracket, corrosion-proof automotive draw latches, two Silent Hitch Pins and a stainless steel pin lock to secure the carrier's contents from theft.

Let's Go Aero is the innovation leader in aerodynamic receiver style hitch based GearCarrier(tm) solutions, specializing in aerodynamic carriers for recreational equipment transport, general travel and commercial trade uses. LGA's family of products uses patented and patent pending designs to offer consumers new value propositions in Gear Management Solutions(tm). LGA's products include the GearWagon(tm) line of Sport Performance Trailers(r), the LittleGiant Trailer(tm) line of "Pickup Beds in a Box", as well as the GearSpace(tm), GearCage(tm), GearDeck(tm) and GearVault(tm) lines of hitch-mount cargo carriers.

For more information, visit Let's Go Aero at ,
www.LetsGoAero.com contact company headquarters at 877.GO.4.AERO (464.2376), or write to 3380 N. El Paso St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80907.

January, 9 2007

Unique lights output intensity greater than traditional porch light.

It can get pretty dark at night for RV enthusiasts in the middle of nowhere ' or even parked in a suburban driveway. Flashlights are awkward, batteries die, lanterns tip over and break. The answer? Enjoying a starry night, or just walking around outside an RV, can be just as comfortable and safe as any back porch, when it has its own powerful, built-in lamp.

Manufacturers' Select Hawk' Scare Light by ITC provides bright, dependable light where it's needed, when it's needed. The unit is easily wired and installed on the side of an RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel or motor home. Its rectangular shape ties in nicely with other RV exterior features.

Measuring just 6-1/2" W x 5" H, the depth of the clear housing tapers from 2" on top to 1" at the bottom. Unlike traditional scare lights, this unique, tapered, acrylic lens design directs light down toward the camping area. Additionally, the light output intensity is much greater than a traditional porch light. The six-position bulb holders grip two, 20-watt halogen bulbs which draw a total of 3.33 amps.

Coachmen's Adrenaline Lite Is Your Ticket to Adventure
January, 9 2007

All New Sport Utility Trailer (SUT) From Coachmen

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. ' Adrenaline Lite', an all new sport utility trailer (SUT) from Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company, LLC is the ideal toy hauler for outdoor enthusiasts. It has all the amenities and conveniences that a family could want, plus plenty of cargo space for toys. With base weights starting around 5,800 pounds the Adrenaline Lite can be towed by many of today's half-ton vehicles.

As the name Adrenaline implies, this trailer is ready for action. Adrenaline Lite comes with conventional aluminum siding or optional slick fiberglass sidewalls adorned with aggressive tribal flame graphics. The chrome wheels, front diamond plate and checkerboard-style awning provide plenty of flash on the road or at the campsite.

Once at the destination, Adrenaline Lite is primed for fun. The standard home theater system with CD/DVD player features 5.1 Surround Sound that is also patched into the exterior speakers. A 20-inch LCD flat screen television is available as an option.

Enjoy the outdoors more with other available options such as a stainless steel gas grill, fuel pump station and a 4.0kw generator.

Toy haulers are intended to take the owner and his or her toys to adventureland, which can include going over muddy terrain. Adrenaline Lite has a convenient outside wash station to rinse off your motorcycles or ATVs at the end of an action-packed day.

A cargo door with coil spring door hinges folds down for easy access to the toys without the use of exposed cables. The door has a substantial 2,500-pound rating, and the cargo area has multiple D-ring tie downs to keep those toys securely in place during travel. When the ramp door is down, Adrenaline Lite's add-a-wall feature, a soft screen wall that covers the entire rear, will keep insects out and you comfortable inside.

Adrenaline Lite comes in four of the most popular floorplans for SUTs: two front sleeper floorplans with cargo lengths from 14 feet to 16 feet, and two front kitchen floorplans with cargo lengths from 13 feet 10 inches to 15 feet 10 inches.

For additional sleeping space, all floorplans come standard with an electric trac queen bed. Dual electric trac queen beds are an available option on select models. At the touch of a button the bed(s) will rise to the ceiling providing ample head room in the cargo area. Depending on the model, Adrenaline Lite can comfortably sleep from four to eight adults. Living space is also maximized with dual flip up sofas and an optional clicker bed/sofa combo that allow more seating or sleeping space, depending on the need.

Four exciting new fabric selections are available for the interior d'cor: Octane Orange, Blue Blaze, Roadster Red and Sunset Trail. The designer cabinetry comes in a traditional Spicy Oak or the more aggressive Carbon Fiber.

The galley comes well equipped with a three-burner range and oven, a microwave oven, double door refrigerator and a stainless steel sink.

Coachmen designers and engineers teamed up to create great user-friendly floorplans and unique features to produce a lightweight and exciting toy hauler comparable to more expensive trailers. The manufacturer's suggested retail base price ranges from approximately $23,500 to $30,000.

Adrenaline Lite is the ticket to front row excitement when it comes to toy haulers. Its aggressive exterior graphics and stylish interior appointments make it a unique trailer that's tow friendly for many of today's half-ton vehicles.

January, 9 2007

Stay Dry! Application is a snap!

Whether its tent camping or going across the country in an RV, it's important for fabric seams to stay sealed to prevent damage from moisture. Seam Sealer from Iosso Products can help prevent most seams from leaking.

Sleeping in a leaky tent is no fun and neither is sitting under a dripping awning. Iosso's seam sealer helps seams repel water without changing the look of the material. Seam Sealer works on cotton, cotton blends, polyester and synthetic woven fabrics. It will not change the look or feel of the fabrics and is ideal for tents, backpacks, awnings and more. Because it's non-toxic, users won't have to worry about fumes or donning protective gear when applying the sealer to fabric.

Application is a snap. The 4-oz Dabber is perfect to spot treat because it puts the sealer only where users want it to go. Refills are taken care of with the gallon container.

Prices begin at $7.66 for the 4-oz. Dabber and $39.69 for the gallon.

January, 3 2007

Duarte, CA: Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Running low or running out of oil will cause serious and expensive damage to your engine's vital organs! Those dark spots on your driveway are the first indication of trouble. Your engine is leaking oil, and it can come from several areas, usually caused by a faulty seal.

Now you can stop those pesky and dangerous leaks, without an expensive engine overhaul, using Justice Brothers special purpose ENGINE STOP LEAK additive. STOP LEAK reconditions old, dry crankcase seals, timing chain, valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, restoring their sealing ability. As a result of advanced chemistry, ENGINE STOP LEAK contains no solid material, which could clog oil passages, and is completely harmless to internal engine components. It will keep your oil where it belongs, in your engine!

For over 70-years JUSTICE BROTHERS has been a supplier of quality professional care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America, each Justice Brothers additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer performance and reliability.

Find out more about Justice Brothers at www.justicebrothers.com, or contact them at 2734 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care centers.

New TCI' .570' Boost Valve Solves 4L60E Line Pressure Problems
January, 2 2007

TCI' .570' Boost Valve is the largest available for 4L60E high performance applications and provides maximum clamping load to get more horsepower to the ground quicker. The most destructive enemy to any high performance automatic transmission is inadequate line pressure. This often overlooked but easily addressed problem wastes horsepower by permitting excess slippage between clutch plates and/or low band-to-drum clamping pressure, causing slower shifts, increased wear, higher operating temperature, wasted horsepower, contaminated fluid, and imminent premature transmission failure.

The engineers at TCI' addressed these problems by bringing to market their new .570" Boost Valve (Part #374501) for high performance GM 4L60E transmissions. Installing this new large diameter boost valve in your high performance 4L60E application will significantly increase line pressure, providing more clutch & band clamping load for quicker shifts, lower operating temperatures and extended transmission life.

The new TCI' .

January, 2 2007

The power and torque that modified 5.9-liter Cummins engines deliver can crack or even shatter the stock flex plate. BD's new FleX-Plate is designed specifically for modified applications, and can reliably handle up to 1,500 lb.-ft. of torque. Twice as thick as the stock unit and made from forged steel, the BD FleX-Plate is precision-balanced and is SFI-certified for use in race sanctioning bodies. The BD FleX-Plate fits all '94 -'07 5.9 liter Cummins engines and is a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock unit. BD Diesel Performance, (800) 887 5030; www.dieselperformance.com.

Blue Ox Towing Products One Person Lift For Motorcycles
January, 1 2007

The OverBilt Sportlift III Allows One Person Lifting

The OverBilt SportLift III, one of the products in the extensive line of Blue Ox towing products, is the ultimate in convenience. This motorcycle lift allows one person the ability to load or unload a motorcycle from the back of a motorhome.

The SportLift III is the second product that Jay Hesse, president of Blue Ox, purchased from Art Boice, owner of OverBilt Lifts in New York. The first product that Blue Ox purchased from Overbilt was the SportLoader (SC3000/3001). The SportLift III was one of the first carriers on the market and its design has withstood the test of time. Up until this point, the SportLift III was still being produced in New York, but Blue Ox is proud to be taking over the production and delivery of such a quality product that has served RVers for years.

The SportLift III lowers to the ground and can haul up to 1,000 lbs on the lift along with flat towing a vehicle up to 5000 lbs. A light kit has been included with the lift.

Suits Say Warning On Colemans Not Enough
December, 31 2006

Associated Press - The warning is on the back of the Coleman Company's propane heaters: "For outdoor or well-ventilated construction use only. Never use inside house, camper, tent, vehicle or other unventilated or enclosed area." The families of five people who were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while camping in southwestern Washington's Lewis County this year say the bright orange labels weren't enough to prevent the deaths. In two federal lawsuits filed Thursday, they argued that the labels aren't clear about what "well-ventilated" means and that simple manufacturing changes could have saved the lives of their loved ones and at least 75 other people who have died using Coleman heaters around the country. "That sticker is not on there to save lives," said attorney Jeffery M. Campiche. "It's put on there to immunize them against liability. You can design it to erase the risk, or you can put a sticker on it." Coleman, based in Wichita, Kansas, declined to comment on the lawsuites.

Turn Alarm
December, 27 2006

Does engine, road, or wind noise prevent you from hearing your turn signal? This can result in a hazardous driving situation when your turn signal is on unintentionally. Exchange the existing turn signal flasher in your automobile, moped, motor home, or tow vehicle with a flasher replacement type turn-alarm and you will be alerted with an audible "BEEP" while your turn signal is on; or install a universal type turn-alarm, and without replacing your existing turn-signal flasher, you will hear and/or see your turn-signal.>

In either configuration, the flasher replacement type or the universal type, no wiring modification to your vehicle is required.


New Cruiser Sport Fifth Wheel An Affordable Toy Hauler For Active Families
December, 13 2006

The Cruiser Sport with Boat

TOPEKA, Ind. ' The new Cruiser Sport fifth wheel from CrossRoads RV provides an economical way to bring along some sporting fun as well as comfortable living space.

The Cruiser Sport uses a versatile, two-inch receiver hitch with a 300-pound hitch capacity (tongue weight) that allows it to haul everything from multiple motorcycles and four-wheelers to 18-foot boats.

As such, the Cruiser Sport is a more affordable alternative to the common sport utility trailers with enclosed cargo areas. Weighing less than 6,000 pounds, the Cruiser Sport may be towed by a ' ton or ' ton tow vehicle. Inside it sleeps four to six people with a comfortable living area, roomy U-shaped dinette and modern storage solutions, such as dinette seat drawers. It also introduces the new Equa-Flex' Suspension from Trail Air that minimizes vibration for a smoother ride while providing more stable towing and safety for the RV and the tow vehicle.

CrossRoads developed the Cruiser Sport in response to consumer suggestions. It is designed for RVers 35 to 55 years old with active families.

It allows tremendous versatility in terms of what they can bring along, be it a boat one time or dirt bikes.

The Cruiser Sport maintains CrossRoads' high quality standards with aluminum-framed sidewalls and endwalls. That quality is backed by a two plus five comprehensive warranty (two years against defects in materials and workmanship and a limited, five-year structural guarantee against floor, walls and roof defects), one of the best in the industry. The Cruiser Sport has an MSRP of $27,370 to $28,007.

December, 1 2006

New Patented Line of Expandable Atrium Windows Designed to Fold Flat When in Transit or Not in Use for Safety and Security

Elkhart, Ind. - ASV Plastics introduces the new Bayview window series of expandable atrium windows that fold flush when not in use. The Bayview is designed to provide recreational vehicles with the convenience of an atrium window while combining the safety and security feature of folding away when not in use or in transit. The window easily locks in the open and closed positions simply by turning four knobs.

The Bayview window is designed with the aesthetically pleasing details of conventional atrium windows but with the sturdy window construction found in the transportation industry. ASV Plastics uses a combination of quality automotive and residential window technologies to craft the new Bayview window. Materials include high tempered safety glass, aluminum frame extrusions, stainless steel hardware and custom fitted foam outer frame seals.

The windows can be manufactured with a variety of inside clamps to accommodate most sidewall or wall thicknesses.

With one tempered glass shelf on the smaller models and two on the larger, the Bayview window is large and sturdy enough to handle the weight of multiple potted plants.

All Bayview windows have a stained-glass lamination option to add a touch of classic elegance in any installation. The windows can be ordered with tinted or clear glass. All of the window extrusions are available coated white or black and come in the following sizes:
24-inches by 48-inches
36-inches by 48-inches
42-inches by 48-inches
48-inches by 48-inches

No Leaks and Virtually No Warranty Issues
Pair precise engineering with the latest technology, and the result is a product with little or no warranty issues, as evidenced with the Bayview. Out of the thousands of Bayview windows produced since 2000 for the RV segment, only three have resulted in warranty claims including one customer who didn't realize the Bayview could be resealed. In fact, since all of the window's components are what the industry calls "piece lot," they are easy to replace.

President, Jack Seaver and Vice President and Designer, Dennis Vance, innovators in extrusion molding, founded ASV PLASTICS, INC., one of the nation's premier producers of niche extrusion products. Located in Elkhart, Ind., ASV is esteemed by leaders in the recreational vehicle and automotive manufacturing industries as developers of worry-free, high quality unique products.

Contact ASV Plastics, Inc. at 23897 C.R. 106, Elkhart, IN 46514. Ph: 800-661-2366 Fx: 574-264-9694-8166, or on the web at

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